Nutritional advice for companies

How we feel at work affects the performance and the general atmosphere within the team. A good health of employees is the safest investment which a company can do in the long term. A balanced nutritional behaviour is a source of energy and self-confidence that has a beneficial impact on results and relationships at the workplace.

Given that obesity is an epidemy according to the World Health Organization, medical services in nutrition influence more than the employees’ wellbeing and their happiness. They can lead to better health on the long run. Smart Nutrition can help you construct and implement health programs on nutrition issues.

We set different objectives for our programs with each individual company and we monitor their progress in real time.

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Nutritional education for kindergartens and schools

Thorough eating education is often neglected in training the children. And, unfortunately, like any other thing which is not given due attention at the right age, lack of minimal nutritional discipline can have unpleasant consequences in the long term, both for children and for their parents.

Through its programs dedicated to kindergartens and schools, Smart Nutrition supports a nutritional education based on balanced eating principles and focused on eating habits accurate and understandable by children.

We offer educational packages for:

  • preparation of menus according to the nutrition principles and the needs of children and by complying with the laws in force;
  • workshops on cooking and food education;
  • optional courses during a semester

For details and customized offers, please contact us by e-mail at