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The number of people having weight problems is increasing in our country. Knowing in detail and changing the factors involved in obesity, respectively the daily energy input and physical activity may lead to the implementation of a new healthier lifestyle which can be maintained on a long term.

The nutritional assessment of patients involves the detailed analysis of the body composition using bio impedance, knowledge of eating habits, energy intake (kilocalories, macronutrients – carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, micronutrients – vitamins and minerals), energy consumption (measurement of the resting metabolic rate by the established method of indirect calorimetry) but also the assessment by laboratory analyses.

Finding all these details, we can make nutritional recommendations proper to each patient, so as to obtain the optimal or desired weight.

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People of all ages and in all continents are affected by diabetes mellitus.

To have an optimal glycemic control, a good part of the treatment is represented by proper food.

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Parents are liable to educate their children as regards the diversified food required for their growth and development.

Children learn a lot by mimicking, that’s why it is important that when the change of an eating habit of the child is desired, it should be applied to the entire family.

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The period of pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding is very important because of the influence of the mother’s nutrition over the way the body of the child will develop.

The birth of a child with a higher or lower weight than normal confers him important risks of diseases throughout his life.

A balanced nutrition contributes to the mother’s health and provides the nutritional needs for good intra- and extra- uterine growth and development.

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The importance of lifestyle for the modern society’s man is well-known – nutrition, movement, exposure to risk factors or emissions – are crucial for preventing the emergence of disease, but also for the complex therapeutic approach at the time of illness. Overweight or obesity is the triggering factor of biologic and metabolic changes in the metabolic syndrome, the cause of cardiovascular, neurological, nephrologic or diabetological illnesses and oncological pathology.

Here is why it is necessary to know and apply the “intelligent nutrition” principles – correct eating recommendations together with the medical treatment of those diseases leading to the improvement of the patient’s medical and social prognosis.

The Therapeutic Nutrition Examination provides the nutritional assessment of the patient with the Bioimpedance Body Composition Analyzer (BIA) – considered the “gold standard” nutrition tool for the highly accurate information it provides about the patient’s health from a nutritional point of view: actual weight, ideal weight (with minimum-maximum healthy variation interval), body composition dissociated on compartments (in kilograms):- water, muscle mass, mineral and fat mass, body mass index, fat percentage, waist/hip ratio, basal and maximum metabolic estimating rate, patient’s biological age. Along with the nutritional assessment, the patient’s analyses, investigations, and medical diagnoses will be integrated so as to finally make a set of correct nutritional recommendations tailored to the patient or his medical conditions.

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The psychological counseling and psychotherapy counseling sessions provide therapeutic support for patients who want to lose weight for patients with bulimia or anorexia problems. It also provides support to families with children who have problems with food or weight.

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