Our approach


The initial examination is the first step which we are going to take together. For an hour, we will talk in details about the following things:

  • You will tell us as much as possible about your weight history. This is a first clue of the causes generating current weight problems.
  • Depending on your preferences and metabolic profile, we will establish together with the nutritionist what your optimal weight is in medical terms.
  • Finally, we will establish together the nutritive options to obtain the weight you want and the period of time required for it.


The nutritional journal is a very detailed analysis of your eating habits. It assumes the noting of all food and beverages which you eat and drink during a week.

We will know details about your eating habits and calculate the daily energy input and the amount of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins from your regular diet.

We will also establish very clear what your body misses in terms of vitamins and minerals.

As a result of interpreting your journal, we will be able to change together with you those habits leading to gaining weight.


Blood analyses

A set of recent medical analyses is very important to assess your health. If you have already made a set of analyses, we can still use that efficiently, it but it should not be older than 3 months.

Total/intelligent weighting

A regular balance indicates us only the number of kilograms. However, what we are going to find out using the total weighting is the percentage of fat, muscle and water in your body being distributed within this volume. It is also called the Analysis of Body Composition and is one of the most important investigations provided by our clinic.

Resting metabolic rate

Or, in translation, how many calories are consumed by your body while resting. This investigation is made using a specialized instrument that measures the oxygen consumed by your body while resting. It is a critical investigation regarding your metabolism indicating us how we can subsequently customize your nutrition program.


Besides the nutritionist’s advices, you will also receive the counselling of one of our psychotherapists.

The psychological issue is extremely important in any type of change. It is essential to understand that a diet is not always enough to bring round your body.

Our psychologists will help you become aware and correctly approach this important connection between how we eat and how we live.


The personalized diet is the last step of our program.

There are many elements defining us and influence our metabolism, how we eat and the food we choose to eat.

The investigations conducted till now have had the purpose to clarify these factors.

Depending on the obtained results, we will prepare for you a personalized diet containing food recommendations created in accordance with your personality, preferences and nutritional specific nature.