If you want to lose weight, come to meet us.


Art of Diet defines how we approach our patients: each of them, in their own terms. Nutrition is a rigorous discipline but its rules must be creatively tailored for each case. There are no fixed prescriptions in our specialization, only results and a pleasant and interesting way to obtain them.

Smart Nutrition is the place where we carefully and with dedication create your nutritional profile, weight your motivation to make a change and help you carry the “burden” in the fight against weight. Our team of physicians covers various specialties, with concern and passion for the healthy lifestyle, combining the attention for eating with the creativity of personalized diets.


First of all, you will find a modern clinic, where you will feel very good. Smart Nutrition Clinic has easily accessible premises and a welcoming and positive atmosphere. We want to motivate you and give back your energy and enthusiasm to reach your goals and make your body feel great again.

Secondly, we promise you a very pleasant relation with our nutritionists. They are not only perfect professionals, but also warm people who know how to deal with delicate issues. When meeting them, you will learn how to leave behind improper eating habits and how to use your optimism and patience to put into practice new diet options tailored to you.


You have probably thought many times about diets as a sum of constraints meant to ruin your pleasure, to disturb your daily schedule, to limit you in many ways. Our philosophy is based on an open relation with the patients, constructed on flexibility in choosing the best ways to harmonize their own lifestyle, with healthy eating choices.

We believe that fast results of food discipline are possible and at the same time in the determination of the people coming to our clinic to unleash their power for lasting changes and a healthy lifestyle. The psycho-nutrition sessions, permanent health monitoring, and eating routine will help you clarify your nutrition-related notions and you can gain more confidence in yourself.

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